How to write a problem description

  • Write brief description of the problem in ticket title

  • Write an extended description in the ticket text (not all the below items need to be entered)

    • Elaborate the description
    • Describe similar problems
    • Attach a screenshot illustrating the problem
    • Motivate why this problem is important to solve
  • Add suggested solutions in comments to the ticket using the following syntax:

    **Suggested solution**: ...

Code style

We try to follow PEP 8 with some exceptions:


  • We allow longer lines than 79 characters. But preferably not longer than 120
  • We prefer to have double quoted strings

How to write tests

The idea of having a guideline for how to write tests is that if they all look the same, they are easier to understand.

Here are the guidelines:

  • All test classes should inherit a custom test case class